Power at the Touch of a Key


The smart phone has given us the power to make things happen at the touch of a button. Our homes are now a place to truly relax as the smart phone is slowly but surely making life easy and convenient for you. From the simplest to the hardest tasks both within and outside the house the smart devices can easily handle them via the smart phone. The smart phone, with the help of a few more applications downloadable or even inbuilt, can make this work very easy.

At the touch of a button or key, you can make a delicious meal at home even if you are not a trained cook. Tovala is an example of a smart cooker that easily transforms your ingredients into a good and well-made meal with a simple instruction from your smart phone. The cooker uses Wi-Fi connectivity to be connected to the phone and Tovala chefs. To prepare meals, all one needs is a set of ingredients with bar coded instructions. Once placed inside and the machine given instructions to prepare the meal, the Tovala cooker will download the best recipe for the meal expected and prepare it in the best way possible. It also already has a number of recipes that are regularly updated by the Tovala chefs transforming the cooker into a professional cook at the reception of a set of instructions. If frequently out of the house, you can make use of the Nova precision cooker. It prepares your food from the instructions sent from even remote places and gives you updates on the progress made in the preparation of the food. Should you need a glass of yoghurt or fermented milk, you can make use of Samsung Smart oven models which come with a new technology that enables one to ferment milk and prepare the yoghurt. The only thing that one will have to do without necessarily the help of technology is serving- you have to get your own plate and serve.

The smart phone will be the chief entertainer given smart home theater systems, televisions and digital assistants. One can connect the radios and televisions and control them from the comfort of their palms. Changing stations, adjusting the volumes and even adjusting the picture qualities of the smart televisions can be very easily controlled from the palms of your hands. Google Home and Alexas from Amazon are some of the digital assistants that can be of great help to those interested in centralizing the control of smart devices and a little more. Alexas and Google home enable one to listen to music of own liking, to control connected smart devices like the radios and air conditioners and smart kitchen gadgets among many other functions. All they need is activation by calling their names for instance “hello Google Home” or “hello Alexas” and they will be ready to take instructions. They use a number of search engines and Wikipedia to get answers to almost all queries directed at them. They come in handy as besides being a partner with whom one can hold conversations, they can help in research and expanding our knowledge base. They interact with the users and come to know their preferences and likes. This information is then used to ‘customize’ and easily meet the users’ demands at the issuance of a command. For instance the assistants will know the type of music the users prefer and hence easily play them on the command to play music. The assistants can do much more- depending on the availability of connected smart devices one has or can access.

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