Four Great Tips On Selling Your Old Phone

Now that you want to buy the latest smartphone in the market, what will you do with the old phone? Many are the times when people are moved by the features that come with new smartphones in the market and want to move with style, class, and stay at the top. However, this does not mean that the current phone is written off. One way of disposing of the smartphone is selling it and recovering some cash. In this post, we evaluate four great ideas you can use to sell the old smartphones.

What to do before disposing of the phone

Before putting the phone in the market, you want to ensure that the next user can pick it, put the line of choice and start making calls immediately. Therefore, if the phone was locked by the phone company, it is a great idea to unlock it to attract more clients and better deals. Second, you need to backup all the data that was on the phone using a reliable media. Make sure to make copies of all videos, photos, documents, contacts, text messages, and other important data. Then clean it completely by restoring the phone to the factory setting. Third, if the phone is logged to the iCloud services, you need to log it off to be sure it cannot be accessed by the new buyer.

Consider looking and selling directly to buyers

While you might be wondering where to start, the buyer might be just on the next door. The iPhone 6 you no longer want because iPhone 7 has been released might be the perfect choice for another person. To connect with direct sellers, consider posting a notice with a message such as iPhone 6 for sale and then add the personal number at the bottom of the post. You will be amazed by a large number of interested callers who want to acquire the phone.

Make sure to check the current price of the phone and provide a significant discount because the device has been used. If the phone on sale costs $600 when new, consider offering a price such as $400 to make the deal attractive. This would make the phone sell faster especially if you had maintained it in good condition.

The main limitation of direct selling is that you are only limited to people within the workplace of college mates. The entire city or nation will not know about the device on sale. If you find it difficult to use this method, a better method is the online platforms.

Using the online marketplace to sell a phone

Because of the fast rising demand for new products especially electronics, many e-commerce platforms have seen the unique opportunity to facilitate the sale of used items. Though they take a small commission, about 10%, the exposure is larger and chances selling faster are very high. To use the marketplace, the seller is required to describe the phone well, take some images, and send to the company. The platform staff will make a review of the phone and place it online for sellers to buy. If the phone is okay and still appealing, it could get bought within hours after the display.

Mobile companies’ carrier buyback

When a client decides to sell a phone, the current services provider does not want to lose him/her. One way of retaining such a client is offering to buy back the phone for a specific amount. You will be required to add some cash to get the brand new smartphone you want.

Though the method is a great way to get the latest phone design at a lower cost, the buyback is always smaller compared to the amount the old phone could have fetched in the marketplace.